An exterminator might just save your life

Are you in need of someone skilled in using insecticides? Chances are, yes. The nation’s bed bug problem is getting out of hand (more on that in a bit).

Insects are everywhere, and once they get in your home, they are very tough to get rid of. Ants, cockroaches, yellow jackets, wasps – the list of possible infestation is quite extensive. There are plenty of insects that want to invade your home. People will look at you differently upon learning you have an infestation problem. Do not worry; Central Extermination is here to help. We are your friendly neighborhood exterminators!

Like hiring any professional, it is best if you do your research. What do you look for in an exterminator? First, you should consider money and get bids from multiple exterminators. When it comes to bids, every exterminator is different. Feel free to invite them over to your house. They will be able to inspect rooms and trouble spots, and will give you a more thorough estimate. That way, you will get a better feel for not only how they work, but also for his or her character.

Each exterminator has his strengths and weaknesses. One may be proficient in dealing with wasps while another one is an expert at roaches. It depends on the infestation. No matter the specific skillset, every exterminator has stories. Ask him or her about them. Some of you may find them entertaining, others unsettling. Either way a story or two will help highlight the exterminator’s personality. Moreover, if you have a termite problem, it would be a relief to hear a triumphant termite tale.

You should do your research, because an exterminator might just save your life…

Canada’s bed bug problem


Like most insects, bed bugs are tenacious and quite adaptable. For a long time, the general belief was that the problem had been taken care of. Still around, but not as much of a nuisance. They are, however, back and very much a nuisance.

The whole nation is being invaded by bed bugs. The situation has only gotten worse over the past few weeks. It seems that hospitals and other institutions are refusing to deal with people afflicted by bed bugs.

We need only look to the article, “Health care’s reaction to bed-bug epidemic likened to the early days of AIDS, when patients were treated as pariahs.” Tom Blackwell of the National Post writes, “When one hospital discovered a cancer patient lived in a home with bed bugs, it took stern action, refusing to provide a diagnostic scan and radiation treatment for the infested person. Another facility canceled a procedure for a kidney-disease sufferer under similar circumstances.”

That is absolutely outrageous. No one should be denied healthcare or help because of bed bugs. It is unethical. It seems that these incidents are not unique. Maude Laliberté – a physiotherapist and University of Montreal professor – says, “It’s a real problem.” While it is understandable that health workers do not want to bring an infestation home with them, it is still unacceptable.

A kidney-dialysis patient’s procedure was even postponed because of bed bugs. This is life and death, folks. Arguments can be made for both sides, but it is clear the country needs exterminators now more than ever.

If you are in the Montreal area and have any questions or need a consultation, please call Central Extermination at 514-722-2425. For more information on the bed bug problem, you can find Blackwell’s article here.

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