Montreal Housing Authority Uses a Freezer to Control Bed Bugs

Montreal Housing Authority Uses a Freezer to Control Bed BugsBed bug infestations have become common issues in many North American cities in recent years, and Montreal is no exception. Although there are effective treatment options available for bed bug infestations, it can be particularly difficult to control the insects in large public housing complexes that have many units in close proximity to one another.

That’s why the Montreal public housing authority is utilizing a unique new strategy to eliminate bed bugs in the city’s 20,000 public housing units.

In addition to treating individual units with conventional bed bug control techniques, the public housing authority is also using a large walk-in freezer to treat clothes, bedding and other household items that have been infested with bed bugs. These items are kept in the -22° C freezer for at least four days, which is the minimum time required to ensure the insects are killed.

“Bed bugs are a serious issue for us and we wanted to give ourselves the tools to handle this problem,” said Mélanie Sanche, head of sanitation for the public housing authority in an interview.

Although this bed bug extermination freezer is solely for the use of Montreal’s public housing units, the strategy could be useful in the city’s universities as well. Student housing facilities also tend to be vulnerable to bedbug infestations due to the transient nature of their residents.

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