Warning! Don’t do Bed Bug Extermination on Your Own!

You’ll see them in your local grocery or hardware stores: aerosol sprays to rid your home of pests. In a lot of situations, these might help (temporarily) but for some of the worst pests, bed bugs, these “bombs” don’t work, according to a CNN article on a recent study.

As the article points out, this solution is cheap. And, as you probably know, the cheap solution does not always yield the best results. With bed bugs, you can’t afford to take the risk. These pests will do more than your average bug, as they are a parasite. Therefore, they feed from other animals’ (including humans) blood, infesting your furniture and making the place that you live and relax extremely uncomfortable and harmful.

So, don’t leave your Montreal residential pest control to a cheap spray can! If you identify bed bugs in your home, contact your Montreal exterminator as soon as possible! Make sure to take a look at our bed bug treatment preparation instructions as well, in order to ensure a smooth process.

Keep in mind that, while this post focuses on bed bugs in particular, aerosol sprays will only work to a certain extent with other pests. Eradicating the result of a problem will eventually leave you trying to fix the same problem again… and again. You need to find the problem’s source in order to fix it entirely.

Sadly, finding and eradicating the source is difficult, requiring skill, knowledge and time. If you don’t have all of those three things, the do-it-yourself method will fail. So, consider a different route. After all, if a scientific study argues that aerosols are ineffective, that usually means the cheap option isn’t an option at all!