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Central Extermination

Will answer your call 99.9% of the time and if Frank doesn't he will call you back ASAP. He will get you a date as quickly as he can and Ricky will come by and do an excellent job. Recommend.
Mauro Calli Avatar
Mauro Calli
Amazing company, the exterminator did such a great job. No issues. Highly recommend
Mike F Avatar
Mike F
I called them this morning, because I found a bunch of maggot-like larvae on my kitchen ceiling. The person who answered was very kind and understanding. He suggested different products I could use, how to use them, and where I could buy these products as they only provide the extermination service, and don't sell the products.

I had called 4-5 exterminators before Central Extermination, and they were the only ones who tried to help me by explaining what I could do to get rid of the larvae! They didn't try to push me to use their services either. I expect to use them in the future if I require their services! Highly recommend them as they are honest and trying to help people.

Thank you for your help!
Amanda Why Avatar
Amanda Why
We had a mouse problem back in the winter. One visit is all it took to take care of it. Ricky was on time, professional and very experienced.
Just recently, we had to make a service call because we started seeing a few ants here and there. Frank dispatched Ricky once again and everything has been taken care of.
Joseph Lutfi Avatar
Joseph Lutfi
They are professional; when they don’t answer, you can leave a voicemail and they will get back. They guaranteed their services for a year. I had to call them on few occasions and they were always friendly and never asked me to pay extra.
Fouad Bitar Avatar
Fouad Bitar
Had a couple of bedbug incidents over the 14 years I have lived here, kind of inevitable. Both times Rick got the problem done on the first treatment of the three and resolved the problem quickly. Paid by my landlord so not sure of cost but the service itself was professional and very effective.
John Jordan Avatar
John Jordan
After extermination, the bedbugs were gone. My daughter was suffering of the bite.
Ken Xie Avatar
Ken Xie
Central Extermination did exactly what they say they will. They killed the wasps. Additionally, they answer their phone with a real person not a machine, the appointment they make, they keep. Good professional work.
Joe Warren Avatar
Joe Warren
Central took care of my ant problem worry free. It always pops up around the same time and finally, it seems to have gone away for good.

Thank you for a wonderful job!
Dean Risto Avatar
Dean Risto
Phenomenal experience

A big thank you to Frank and Ricky for all of their help. Took care of everything without a hassle.
Patrick Longeviti Avatar
Patrick Longeviti
Frank was wonderful on the phone, he is always so patient no matter how many questions or insights I ask for and I really do appreciate it, I know many companies would brush me and my wife off because of time constraints but I have never felt that way with Frank. Ricky came to inspect and then did a wonderful job to take care of my mouse problem.

Thank you Central!
Gianni Acoretti Avatar
Gianni Acoretti
Ricky does a fantastic job! Central offers some of the lowest prices in the city if you call around, which is surprising considering they've been around so long!

They fixed my cockroach problem in a heartbeat and I could not be more grateful! Thank you Ricky!
A Google User Avatar
A Google User
They were great. I felt tended to and valued. They made me comfortable that their job was done safely and well. Would recommend to a friend!
Charitas Admin Avatar
Charitas Admin
I cannot say better things about these guys - super professional - put my mind at ease. Really easy to talk to and they made me learn so much. Really a pleasure 🙂
Charitas Fund Avatar
Charitas Fund
Bro my house was INFESTED, i couldn't sleep without waking up with how many bites on me, wire and things being chewed up. These guys came along saved my life from being consumed by rats and bugs. One of the best services I've experienced and recommend to anyone
Kordaine - Avatar
Kordaine -
Good service and garauntee for the work, we got them for ants, and mice and results were great. And service was good. They came back within the warranty period to re-do the extermination without hesitation. I would recommend them.
Devansh Shrivastava Avatar
Devansh Shrivastava
I had a small piece of furniture treated for powder post beetle infection. The service was great, on time and professional. I would definitely use Central Extermination again, and would highly recommend them.
Ranil Jayakody Avatar
Ranil Jayakody
Outstanding & efficient service from very kind owners! Highly recommend!
Piglet I Avatar
Piglet I
Very strong service, timely, efficient, TOOK CARE OF MY MIND FROM THESE BUGS.

Highly Recommended, and could not ask for a better outcome. They took care of it ALL
Michael Lavin Avatar
Michael Lavin
Great company, great people. Thank you to Ricky and Frank! Central always gets the job done well.
CAff King Avatar
CAff King
We had some cockroaches from our last tenant who was less than clean in the kitchen and Ricardo did an amazing job of eliminating them both on the spot and within 4 weeks of 3 key ingredients doing their magic. During those 4 weeks, while we renovated we saw a few more and he was very prompt to come back + now after 6 weeks of the first spray he came again for a last preventive shot now that renovation is over... We did not see any in recent past ! Amazing job and outstanding service thanks again very much
Ghyslain Robert Avatar
Ghyslain Robert
I only recommend Central Extermination when it comes to treating and securing my home. Ricky always treats my house with the utmost care and attention and delivers a high quality service. Frank is always exceptionally warm and helpful on the phone, answering all of my questions with great detail. The best customer service and info giver in the sector. Thank you Frank and Ricky!
Nathan Harvey Avatar
Nathan Harvey
Central Extermination
4.9 Stars - Based on 147 User Reviews
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