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Are parasites poisoning your daily life? Our team of certified exterminators comes to your rescue by eliminating the problem at the source. Trust us for effective and personalized pest management throughout Lachine, Montreal and its surrounding areas!

Complete extermination services in Lachine

Since 1980, Central Extermination has offered a complete range of quality extermination and pest management services . Our team of experienced technicians provide treatment, prevention and elimination of various parasites. Do you see cockroaches passing through your home? We are here to help you! We also treat fleas and ticks, ants, rats, mice, flying insects and insects caused by humidity.

Want to get rid of pests once and for all? Trust our team of exterminators in Lachine to solve your pest problems. Our extermination and pest management services are offered for both the residential and commercial sectors.

Exterminators in Lachine: what sets us apart from the competition

Proud member of the Association québécoise de la Gestion parasitaire (AQGP) and several other professional associations in pest management, our company constitutes a reliable resource to resolve your infestation problems in an efficient and professional manner.

Our dedicated exterminators provide rigorous work by offering fast, effective and competitively priced treatments in Lachine and throughout the region of Montreal. All our extermination solutions are covered by a satisfaction guarantee.

Always committed to offering the best customer experience, we only use high-performance and safe products, approved by the Ministry of the Environment.

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Complete prevention and extermination services

Our team of exterminators in Lachine specializes in the treatment, prevention and elimination of a wide variety of pests.

We offer a full range of pest extermination and management services: free estimate, pest identification, detailed inspection report, written guarantee, and treatment of all structures of your residential or commercial building. Our extermination solutions are 100% adapted to your needs.


Some examples of pests taken care of by our extermination team in Lachine

Common insects

  • Ants
  • Fleas and ticks
  • Bed bugs
  • Silverfish, dermestids

Humidity insects

  • Cockroaches
  • Weevils
  • Spiders

Flying insects

  • Bees
  • Wasps
  • Moths


  • Rats
  • Field mice
  • Mice

Protect your living space: act at the first signs of infestation

Living in a clean and safe environment is essential to maintaining your health. Feces, saliva, bites and sometimes the simple presence of parasites in the home can trigger adverse reactions for some people.

The dangers linked to the presence of ants, cockroaches, fleas and ticks or any other type of insects or rodents are very real. Proactive pest management is not a luxury, but a crucial measure to maintain health, comfort and peace of mind in your living space.

What are the signs of pests in your home?

  • Presence of insects: this may seem obvious, but the frequent appearance of insects in the house could hide an infestation.
  • Feces: Rats and mice, cockroaches and bedbugs have the habit of leaving large quantities of excrement in their wake.
  • Night noises: Do you hear scratching in the walls? This could indicate the presence of rodents, which are very active at night!
  • Property damage: chewed cables or teeth marks on furniture are another sign of infestation.

Your solution of choice for the extermination of pests in Lachine

Are you looking for reliable extermination services that comply with environmental standards?