Keeping Ants Out Of The House

Notorious for being attracted to both warmth and dampness, ants can cause a lot of structural damage, especially if the invasion problem persists without any form of extermination.

Ants are most commonly found in and around woodwork and damp spots like around windows and exterior doors. You may encounter ants in small numbers, but if one or two ants managed to find their way in, expect hundreds more to follow.

So, what can you do to deter ants from entering your home? Here are a few all-natural solutions with products you probably have in the house.

For an environmentally-friendly solution, you can try caulking around windows, doors and cracks that would allow ants to enter through.

Vinegar is a smell that ants dislike, so wipe down surfaces with a half and half solution of white distilled vinegar and water. The vinegar removes the scents that ants use to find food. Lemon works in the same way as well.

Bay leaves can be put in cabinets, drawers and containers. Other spices and herbs that deter ants are black pepper, cayenne pepper, chili pepper, cinnamon, mint and garlic. Just sprinkle a little where ants are coming in and they’ll be turned off by the smell.

Sprinkle coffee grounds in the garden or around the exterior of your home where the ants are coming in.

Chalk and baby powder both contain talcum powder, which is a natural ant repellent. Draw a chalk line or sprinkle baby powder where the ants are entering.

Cucumber and citrus peels are toxic to the types of fungi that ants are attracted to, so place peels in the areas that you suspect ants are gathering.

A thin line of dish soap can be put on windowsills, along baseboards, and doors.

If you’ve tried these solutions and you are still seeing ants, contact us and we’ll provide our professional extermination services.