Why I find insects in the basement

Finding insects in the basement of homes is common. Although mostly harmless, these critters are generally unappreciated when they dare to cross the threshold of our door… but why do they end up in the basement, and how do we hunt them?

Why do insects end up in the basement?

Many types of insects like spiders, ants, cockroaches, earwigs, centipedes, millipedes and silverfish are more likely to be found in the basement than any other room in the house. The main reasons for this intrusion? Most of the time, insects are looking for food, water and shelter.

And since they seek camouflage from predators, they will naturally head for dark places like basements. But another reason explains the particular attraction that insects have for the basement of houses: humidity.

Insects and Basement Moisture: A Perfect Match

Humidity is one of the most common causes of the presence of insects in homes. Indeed, many types of insects live happily in damp environments such as the basements of buildings. And since they typically breed in neglected, dark spaces, basements are an ideal environment for them to thrive.

How to slow them down in their tracks? It is suggested to ventilate the basement rooms regularly to promote healthy air circulation. Installing a dehumidifier, fans in the ceiling and in the basement bathroom can also be useful for drying the air. Eliminating all sources of moisture is therefore the first rule to follow to discourage woodlice, centipedes and other basement bugs from coming to settle in your home.

Basement Bug: Attracted by Shade… and Light!

Although insects are attracted to dark places, light also helps them find their way. That’s why you might see them during the day when they try to escape outside. It is also common to see the number of insects multiplying around lights that have been left on.

To curb the multiplication of basement insects, turn off the lights when you are not in the room, especially at night. This could deter them from re-entering your home after stretching their legs outside.

Basement insects: how to avoid infestation?

Keep the house clean

Regularly clean all the rooms in the house: under the beds, cupboards, cupboards, etc. Inspect every nook and cranny to make sure there is no dirt or food debris. Be sure to store your foods properly, especially those that are sweet. Also take the opportunity to check that these recesses do not hide holes or nests.

Waterproof your home

To avoid an infestation of insects in your basement, it is important to make the house airtight. To keep them out, eliminate any heat leaks and poorly sealed openings. By sealing holes, cracks, baseboards, switches, and reinforcing the insulation of doors and windows, you will already be one step ahead of insects and even small rodents.

Watch out for renovations!

Be careful when doing renovations. It remains very important to properly clean the premises before and after the work. When you expand a room, for example, knocking down a wall opens up the structure of the house, creating a perfect entryway for insects big and small.

Insects in your basement? Call an expert!

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