Mice in Montreal: Why Mouse Problems Persist in the Region

Anyone hates to see a rat or a mouse in their house. Not only are these rodents an annoyance to find and remove, but oftentimes, finding one mouse or rat can indicate a larger issue. As we move from winter into spring, more and more homeowners are seeing rats and mice in their homes, especially around the Montreal area. The Montreal Gazette reported on the growing rat populations last year, but why are we seeing such an increase?

The answer isn’t a simple single cause, but rather a perfect storm of different factors. One of the driving reasons behind the increase in the rodent population is the unseasonably warm winters that we’ve experienced in the past few years. As Global News covered last year, the more comfortable and temperate climate combined with a constant supply of water allows rodent populations to grow. Factor that in with several new construction sites throughout the city that chase rats and mice away through excavation work and you have the recipe for a growing population of rodents – and grow it has.

While milder conditions allow rodents to survive, the other factor is the increased litter size that comes with spring. With milder weather and the increased access to food in spring, litters tend to be larger. Factor in the ability for mice populations to grow rapidly – reproducing in as little as three weeks – and springtime is a perfect storm for rodent problems.

If you’ve ever had a mouse or rat in your home or apartment, you know that it’s often an indication of a bigger problem. Often there’s a hole or a crack that’s allowing the rodents to access your home. Luckily, if you live in the Montreal area, there is one thing you can do if you see a rat or mouse in your home. Schedule a free inspection with Central Extermination.

The professionals at Central Extermination can review your home from top to bottom to look for and eliminate points of entry where mice, rats and other pests could be getting inside. We can also take care of any existing infestations and outline steps and preventative measures to keep your issue from happening again. Let us help you keep your home rodent and mouse free. Call us today at 514-722-2425 to learn more.


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