Have you come across a millipede or silverfish in your bathroom? These repugnant insects, often inspiring fear and disgust, prefer to live in dark, damp places, including your home’s bathroom, kitchen and basement. While they represent no danger to humans, it’s still perfectly natural to want to get rid of them before they completely invade your home.


Several different insect species live in the damp areas of your home. We describe the most common ones below.

You’ll often see these on your bathroom walls, tub or sink, in your basement or in cracks. These insects are common arthropods with long, flattened bodies measuring approximately 2.5 cm. They feed on flies, silverfish, cockroaches, woodlice and spiders.

These insects are particularly fond of bathrooms, kitchens, basements, attics and laundry rooms. They feed on dust, mold, fur, hair, starch, glue and dead insects. These flat insects of approximately 2 cm in length with silvery scales move rapidly in a way that resembles the swimming motion of a fish, hence their name.

These insects live in kitchens, cellars, basements and cracks, sneaking out at night and scurrying away whenever you turn on the lights. Woodlice are part of the crustacean family, sporting a shell and measuring approximately 2 cm. They feed primarily on dead animals, decomposing vegetation and dead wood.


The reason you’ll find these insects in your home is simple: the excessive humidity (higher than 60 percent) that can occur in certain places. This may be the result of any of the following:

  • A leaky pipe (faulty seal)
  • A loose fitting
  • Poor ventilation in humid rooms (bathrooms, laundry rooms and kitchens)
  • The presence of mold and mildew, especially in rotting wood


To drive these crawling insects out of your home, you must lower the relative humidity. Here are some tips to help you do that:

  • Regularly aerate all of the rooms (install a fan, if necessary)
  • Keep your home meticulously clean
  • Install a dehumidifier in overly humid areas
  • Repair any possible leaks in your home’s plumbing (pipes, faucets, drains, etc.)
  • Eliminate condensation on pipes, windows, etc.
  • Weather-proof your floors and basement to make them watertight
  • Get rid of any items that have been stored for a long time in your cellar, attic or basement
  • Prevent water from stagnating in your garage or cellar or near your foundation
  • Clean the areas of your yard that are near the walls of your home (rake up leaves and debris)
  • Seal any cracks or other possible openings
  • Check the humidity levels in your home regularly

If you’re facing an invasion of water-loving insects, you can use a biological (neem oil) or chemical pesticide for crawling insects, boric acid powder or diatomaceous earth (composed of the ground, fossilized remains of microscopic aquatic organisms).

However, for the most secure, effective solution, contact Central Extermination. They can offer you high-quality professional extermination services to eradicate all types of water-loving insects.