A March of Ants: Why Now’s the Time to Watch for Infestations

Spring has sprung, and now’s when people, plants and pests all come out of their winter of hibernation to enjoy the sunshine and warmer weather. Unfortunately, as the weather gets warmer, ants can be seen more and more. Ants spend the winter months buried deep within the ground and as they emerge, you may find yourself with some new unwanted houseguests.

Once the warm weather returns, ants resume their bustling lives. If you see them in your home, they are out foraging and looking for food. Small crevasses and cracks are an ant’s favourite place to dwell when foraging for crumbs and small bits of food, and the typical home is full of these nooks and crannies – which also makes it very difficult to detect and remove ant populations.

Ants can invade your home through several methods. If a queen ant crawls into your home or is somehow brought inside – perhaps on firewood or another object – she can establish a new nest that develops into an infestation. Nests can also sometimes form without a queen, with smaller groups of ants creating satellite nests in search of food. Finally, you may not have an infestation at all, but rather have come across ants that are simply seeking a new food supply. These ants are explorers, and haven’t made a home in your house necessarily, but are instead passing through in search of a source of nourishment.

Most warm weather infestations are the result of an outdoor nest. When you see them in your home, they are just visiting for a bite to eat. This could be a sign that you have a crack or hole somewhere in your home where the ants are sneaking in. If your ant visitors aren’t visitors, however, and you’ve seen them during the winter months, it’s a sign that you likely have a nest in your home and are in need of professional help.

Central Extermination offers residential pest control services for homes in Montreal and surrounding areas. Our pest control experts can identify the type of pest, pinpoint entry points and discover the source of the nest. Once we know how pests got in and locate the nest, we can move to block entry points and remove the infestation. We can also advise you on options for ongoing control and prevention, allowing you to prevent the problem from ever occurring again.

You deserve to enjoy the springtime without having to share your living quarters with a bunch of ants. If you have a pest infestation of any kind, call Central Extermination today at 514-722-2425 for a free inspection and estimate.