Successfully Ridding Your Home of Mice

Mice are a common nuisance; the squealing noises and the creeping around the house at night frightens many homeowners.  As much as everyone wants to get rid of them, most are even afraid to kill these critters for fear of the thought of disposing of them. This is where professional help comes in as exterminators are a godsend when extermination of mice and rats is needed. When you hear that first tiny little squeak, it’s time to pick up the phone and make an appointment with our team of mouse and rat exterminators in Montreal.


For homeowners who try the Do-It-Yourself methods of ridding their homes of mice, most are not very successful. There are a few natural solutions that are great deterrents, but once the mice have actually moved into your location, the task becomes more daunting.


Peppermint oil is on the list of mice deterrents. Placing a drop or two on cotton balls and putting them in areas of the home, such as the kitchen and dining areas, can mask the smell of food and is often too intense for mice to handle. This may work wonders in keeping mice away, but if they have already made their way into your house, it may not be enough of a deterrent to cause them to relocate.


There are always small entry points in the home where mice can enter, many that go unnoticed by the homeowner. An exterminator can locate these entry points, uncover other ways that mice may be entering the home, and properly seal these openings. These holes can be sealed with household items, like old kitchen pads, other tough fabrics cut to size, or we may know an even better way to seal them. Steel wool can be used to close up entryways, and it’s impossible for mice to chew through it.


Though it seems to be a messy solution, if there is a cat in the home, used kitty litter is also said to be a great mice deterrent. Placed at entryways to the house, mice will smell the cat urine and head in the other direction. Cats, of course, are a great deterrent by just being in and around the house. But you can’t always count on a cat getting rid of mice, once they have infiltrated the home, some city bred cats are not so excited about the idea or inclined to deal with mice.


There are newly designed humane mouse traps that will catch mice, but not kill them, so that they can be removed from the home. This task requires a homeowner comfortable dealing with the removal of incapacitated mice. Not many people fall into this category.


Overall, the best and most permanent solution to ridding your home of unwanted mice and other rodents is to call a professional team in to solve the problem. Once an exterminator gets rid of existing mice, it is best to consult them about how to successfully keep other mice from entering the home.

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