One of the biggest responsibilities as a homeowner is to protect your property against pests.

And they can come in all shapes and sizes: insects; stray animals; rodents; and the like.

But it’s worth keeping an eye on a pest that can be of particular nuisance to homeowners this season: mice!

Here are a few ways you can protect your home from mice:

Seal the trash

Mice from all over are on the hunt for any trace of food and one place they often look is in our trash.

If your trash cans are alongside your home, as they often are, you’ll just want to make sure these cans are sealed air tight, so no smell can entice the mice.

Clean the crumbs

On that same note, crumbs are another culprit for attracting mice into your home.

Be sure to maintain a clean house—especially in the kitchen, where our food crumbs can easily fall on the floor, leaving a delicious treat for these pests.

Close the entryways

Again, protecting your home from mice will often land you with long-term benefits, as you’ll ensure that your home is better suited for protection against any type of pest.

The same thinking goes for all the nooks and crannies that mice use to enter a home. This might be the time to do a field survey of your property, to see if there are any open holes in your exterior that could be letting mice in.

With these three tips in mind, your home will be ready to take on any invading pests, and keep them away for good. Our mouse & mice exterminators have you covered.

For any additional information on pest protection or if you believe you may have a mice infestation, call the team at Central Extermination at 514-722-2425!

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