Signs You May Have a Mice Infestation

The ability to recognize the signs of a mouse infestation in your home will help you ensure that you are maintaining a clean and healthy home for your family. You cannot remove a mouse problem until you know it exists, and there are a few telltale signs that any homeowner can watch for.

Mice can survive in incredibly small spaces with minimal food, making it easy for them to go unnoticed for quite some time. Tiny gnaw marks found at the base of your furniture may be an indication that a mouse had been trying to burrow away, or gather materials for its nest. Unexplained tiny droppings around your house are another indication mice have been stowing away in your home.


A mouse will make its nesting place in a place that’s hidden away, often dark and secluded. Its nest will be made up of light, fluffy materials, often shredded strips of paper or some other type of fibrous material. According to this fact sheet published by the Illinois Department of Public Health, the common house mouse is usually less than 8 inches long, even including the tail. This small size makes these creatures a lot more elusive than most people give them credit.


Once you’ve gone through the process of ridding your home of these pesky critters, there are a couple of steps you can take to mouse-proof your home in the future. Make sure that your dry foods, including any grains or sugars, are in mouse-proof containers. For instance, make sure any bags of rice or other grain you have in your basement are held in a glass container or something that a mouse cannot chew through. This will go further than keeping a clean home in helping to prevent mice from thriving in your walls and cabinet spaces. If you find a crack that mice have chewed through, you can slow their progress by inserting steel wool, which is almost impossible for them to chew.


Homes all over Quebec can benefit from the mouse removal and infestation prevention techniques practiced by Central Extermination. Give us a call to schedule our services and get rid of your pest problem soon.

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